New Still from The Stolen
The Stolen - Mikaela Rüegg, Gillian MacGregor and Emily Corcoran.jpg

A new still has been released from upcoming western, The Stolen. It features the women who help Charlotte Lockton (Alice Eve) on her difficult journey through the wilds of an untamed New Zealand in the 1860s. Left to right: Flamenco (Mikaela Rüegg) Heather (Gillian MacGregor) and Honey (Emily Corcoran). The film is released in cinemas November 2017. 

Gillian MacGregor
New Project: The Stolen

Gillian's next project has been announced by Screen Daily. "The Stolen" is an adventure western set in the New Zealand gold rush in the 1960's. Directed by Niall Johnson, the film stars Alice Eve & Jack Davenport. Read more on Screen Daily here.

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