Nikola Tesla & the End of the World 2



Zoot Pictures


Ian Strang & Leif Kaldor


Gillian MacGregor, Paul O’Neill, Stephanie Sy


In this charming & quirky science fiction series, two physicists and a lost boyfriend use Nikola Tesla's multiverse device to travel through parallel Brooklyns and bring Nikola home... if they can get him out of debt and defeat an inter-dimensional death cult.

Fast-paced and absurd, Nikola Tesla and the End of the World puts a fresh spin on history, science, and social commentary. The series explores the intersection of science and ethics, cutting-edge scientific theories, as well as the frightening potential of powerful technology. The series has a fresh format and style, a stellar cast, and 628,609 possible worlds to explore.


FilmographyGillian MacGregor