Teen London


Pinch Media


Mirko Pincelli 


Michael Warburton, Gillian MacGregor, Siam Hurlock, Ravi Aujla


This exciting new comedy web-series comes from the Award Winning team behind "Upsomene 677" (Raindance Official Selection) and "The Knot" (starring Noel Clarke and Mena Suvari). More details coming soon.

Teen London: an exciting and edgy comedy inspired and created by urban young people; those living it for real. A world of raging hormones and fitting in; of teen angst and dodgy fashion; of mad crazes, phone Apps, chicken & chips and indecipherable Jafaican patois. 

It’s about escaping from the school bully, getting out of – like – pointless homework; dealing with dodgy teachers and – like – parents who are so uncool and embarrassing. Replete with raw teen humour and with a sprinkling of honest social commentary on top 'Teen London' pulls no punches.

A fascinating, side-splitting insight into what makes 'kids nowadays' tick (and ting).