Wyld Stallyons


Jason Arber


Mark Killeen, Gillian MacGregor, Selina Lo


In the very near future, human-like androids are a real possibility. One of the largest manufacturers is BioDroid, who supply robots to care for the elderly and to provide companionship for the lonely. They also make military robots, and when one experimental model with higher intelligence algorithms, called Eve3 (MacGregor), is purchased by Tom Ihnatko, a recently widowed insurance adjuster, the military want their robot back. But the unthinkable has happened. Eve3 and Tom have fallen in love and go on the run to try and avoid the increasingly menacing Androids and military hardware the BioDroid company use to catch them. 

Magnesium, named after the metal skeletons that give the BioDroids their strength, is a high octane, action thriller that moves quickly between exploring the relationship between man and machine and explosive action sequences full of gun battles and bloody violence.



Gillian MacGregor