Hit Girls


Rosebud Pictures


Adrian Vitoria


Rosie Fellner, Gillian MacGregor, Joey Ansah


Emma (Fellner: The Life and Death of Peter Sellars, Age of Heroes) and Megan (MacGregor) are flat mates and like all best friends, they argue. Unlike most best friends, however, they are highly trained assassins! Megan has taken Emma off the job for falling in love with their target so Emma kills Megan’s date (Ansah: The Bourne Ultimatum, Snow White and the Huntsman) to retaliate. 

While burying him in the depths of the forest, their arguing reaches breaking point. With neither willing to back down, the normally cool and calculating Hit Girls lose their temper and all hell breaks loose. With old grudges rearing their ugly heads, can their friendship - and their lives - make it through the night? 

Hit Girls delivers a fresh and altogether different dose of action entertainment, with more to come from this exciting franchise!


“Hit Girls is a great film. Filled with lots of exciting action, dark humor and brilliant sass... MacGregor and Fellner are absolutely terrific as the two best friends whose normally cool and calculated ways become challenged by this latest unexpected hit.”  - The Independent Critic

“Hit Girls places a new Brit filmmaking team on the map and action cinema fans are advised to take note” – Impact

“The film is action-packed, stylish and features a serious dose of Hong Kong style combat!” – Jade Screen

“A fine example of home grown talent and what you can do with the desire to get something made” – Namesys Reviews


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